What Could be Affecting your Job Applications?

Posted on August 31, 2018 at 8:17 am

If you are applying for positions but aren’t receiving any invitations to interview, you might be doing something fundamentally wrong with your applications. It’s worth considering some of the most common factors to affect a job application, so you can then put them right and make your applications stand out.

Think about these points:

  1. The time you apply. If you always get your application in at the last minute, the employer might think you come across as disorganised. Try to apply in plenty of time.
  2. Your grammar and spelling. Always read through an application after you have written it, before submitting it. Check your grammar and spelling thoroughly and ask someone else to read it if possible – many jobs require good attention to detail.
  3. The substance of your covering letter. Make sure you are covering all the points of the person specification in your cover letter, to show explicitly how you would be suitable for the role.

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