The importance of school attendance

Posted on August 31, 2016 at 4:25 pm

With the new school year about to start it is vital for parents to realise the importance of attendance at school. Prior to school the child may not have attended a nursery or child minding setting or if they did it was often the parents’ choice to take them out of the setting as and when they wanted to. With school, you are not supposed to take your child out of school except for illness or very specific circumstances such as death of a close relative.

Many parents do not like to be told when they can and cannot take their child out of school, especially when it comes to holidays. Holiday prices are so inflated over the school holidays that many parents simply cannot afford to go during these times. Taking your child out of school for a week or two may seem the easier option but can have detrimental effects on their education in the long term.


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