Reasons Many People Are Going For Supply Teacher Jobs In Nottingham

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 4:00 pm

The high demand for teachers in Nottingham has witnessed a rise in the number of supply teachers. Supply teachers cover for teachers who are absent due to illness, participation in workshop/service training and/or management duties. They help pupils cover the required syllabus in time. The following are the reasons many people are going for supply teacher jobs in Nottingham.


Supply teachers are free from the many constrains that face regular teachers. They can plan their holidays at any time of the year. They are therefore able to take advantages of off peak travel prices and can avoid crowded destinations. Supply teachers are also able to take days off especially when the demand for supply teachers is low. They don’t have to report to work very early in the morning except when there is a dire need to. As a supply teacher, you can choose to work as much or as little as you want.


Target-setting, meetings and planning are all part of the daily life of a teacher. However, supply teachers are exempted from such onerous tasks. Supply teaching disentangles one from lots of time wasting meetings, planning and paper work. It also relieves one from competitive environments, sniping and nagging from insecure colleagues. It also protects one from attacks and harassment from parents and other members of staff.


Regular teachers stays in a school for many years. They don’t get to experience life in other schools. This is usually associated with a number of benefits including security and familiarity. However, spending your time in a familiar environment from day to day can be boring and monotonous. Supply teachers can serve in a number of different schools, meet different staff and pupils and accumulate a wide range of experience.

New hobbies

Supply teaching offers you with the freedom to fully pursue other interests. You can decide to take a week or even two and go for a rock climbing expedition, or anything else that you love doing.

Serves as a test drive as a supply teacher, you can work in different schools before deciding on which one to settle for permanently. By so doing, you can get a perfect insight into the community life and facilities before deciding on where to relocate to. The teachers you will be working with can also be a good source of information on the good and the bad of the area.

DevelopmentTeaching in the same environment can make your teaching style very insular. Supply teaching offers you with a chance to interact with many different teachers, see how they teach and learn from them. They will expose you to new ways of doing things. You will also get to experience some bad practices that you ought to avoid.

Make money as you earn

Taking a part time supply teaching job can be an excellent way to support your studies, especially when taking an education related course. A school is also an excellent learning environment that teaches you a lot of life skills. You will surely earn as you learn.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people applying for supply teacher jobs in Nottingham. This can be attributed to all the above discussed benefits associated with supply teaching.

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