Phonetic spelling

Posted on September 29, 2015 at 8:31 pm

Education is an ever changing subject with new teaching techniques coming out throughout the year. One of the biggest changes that has come out over the past few years regarding teaching techniques is the introduction of phonetic spelling. Phonetic spelling is where a word is spelt out using the sounds that the letters make rather than the name of the letters themselves. This is to help children understand how to pronounce words. As with any rule, there are of course exceptions, but in general, children do seem to be able to understand how to pronounce words quicker and more accurately using this method.

Some parents have expressed concerns about this as they don’t fully understand the phonetic spelling method and therefore struggle to aid their child’s learning at home. Many schools and other governing bodies are now running courses for parents to teach them about phonetic spelling and how they can help their child with it.

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