Monitoring the Progress of Students

Posted on November 18, 2020 at 10:02 pm

When you teach students of any level of ability, their growth and progress is the most important thing, not the starting point. It’s therefore very important that you can successfully monitor the progress of your students and ensure that they are learning continually – if not, then something needs to be done to rectify this.

If you monitor the progress of your students through data, this is highly useful for a number of reasons. It will give you a record of their progress and will also allow you to see how they have learned and developed over time, so you can take steps to improve their progress where needed. Data on student performance should be safely and securely stored, so you can refer back to it when necessary as their teacher and you can use it to inform and progress individual learning programmes. It can help you individualise the learning experience, as well as basing it on concrete evidence of success.

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