Helping Students Following Exam Results

Posted on August 16, 2020 at 9:06 am

Exam results can be a difficult time for the students you teach if they are unhappy with their results. They may want to appeal them, resit their exams, or they may not be sure what steps to take next if they have missed out on university places. As a teacher, this can be difficult and they will most likely rely on you to give advice. It is important to be on hand when you can be and ensure that your students know where to turn if they are concerned about their exam results.

Exam results can also be a time of celebration if students have done well in their A levels, AS levels of GCSEs. It is a rewarding feeling as a teacher to be able to celebrate your students’ successes and help them take the next positive step forwards. If they have done better than expected, they may also look for advice from teachers.

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