Fun Primary School Teaching Activities That Make Learning Really Fun

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 11:05 am

Primary school are the most important years for all kids going to school. This is because primary school is what lays down the educational foundation for these children to build off of for the future. They are not only developing their literacy skills. They are also nurturing motor skills and math skills that they will continue to grow with for years to come. Therefore, primary school should be made very fun and challenging, and the way to do this is with the use of fun primary school teaching activities that make learning really fun. When learning is really fun, kids will want to return to it, again and again.

Some very fun primary school teaching activities do include the following. One of these very fun primary school teaching activities involves writing down some different things that students have done in their lives or things that describe children. They should be a list of simple sentences that kids can read and understand. This little game is called facts about friends and it meant to encourage students getting to know each other better. Students are able to sign their names next to the sentence that best describes him or her. Then the teacher makes copies of all the lists once they are signed by students. The students then must write something extra and descriptive about themselves next to the original sentence that they signed their name off on originally. Forming relay races between the kids in the class to learn the alphabet is also another fun concept. Divide all of the students in the classroom into teams of three to five kids. Give each child a piece of chalk. Each student, one at a time, should go up to the chalkboard and write a letter of the alphabet. Each student that goes up to the board must continue the next letter of the alphabet and continue to build it on from there. Whatever team ends up writing the entire alphabet correctly by all letters does win the alphabet relay race.

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