Education in Work – Improving your Skills

Posted on January 30, 2019 at 5:57 pm

Just because you’ve got the skills to do your current job, doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to improve. Once you enter a company, you will be expected to grow and develop within your position. Usually, this means learning new skills and undergoing some form of education so that you can become even better at what you do.

It’s important to work with your employer in your own education. It’s a two way street. They should be responsible for your development and arranging your training, but you need to take responsibility for your own learning as well. If you have ideas about training you would like or courses you want to take, ask for a one to one. Just bear in mind that they will need to be relevant to your role – if you are undertaking vocational training because you want a different position, this should probably be done outside of work.

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