Different Teaching Roles Available In Bedford

Posted on September 1, 2023 at 10:55 am

Teaching is a noble profession, where every lesson shapes a life. Taking upon various roles to cater for each person’s individual needs, allowing everyone to learn lessons in the best way for them. From traditional classroom settings to online platforms, what are some of the main teaching jobs Bedford you can find yourself in?

Primary School Teacher:

Primary teachers typically work with younger learners aged between 4 to 11 years. Focusing highly on foundation skills in subjects like maths, English, science, and social studies. Learning through play is key for the earlier years, making learning to write, add, subtract and more enjoyable for all. They play a key part in developing a love for learning from the Child’s first point in education.

Secondary School Teacher:

The next stage up in a teaching career is those secondary school teachers, typically teaching students aged 11 to 16, sometimes to 18 years if they study A-levels. These teaching jobs Bedford are specialised in a specific subject, for example, English, Maths, Science, Dance etc. You will have higher knowledge in this subject, be able to share more information and skills on the subject, following the learning syllabus and preparing your students from the start for their GCSE exams when they are 16.

College Professor:

Some students choose not to study A-levels at a secondary school following their GCSE exams and decide to go to college. This is where college professors will be situated. These professors tend to have career experience in a certain sector, which they then use to help teach students who are looking to follow this path. Lessons are more single-sector focused and are ideal for students who know what they want to do. It is a good stepping stone between secondary school and University as you are given more independence with your learning.

University Professor:

Of course, in Bedford, there are also going to be University professors. These are one of the highest-trained teachers out there, with the most industry knowledge possible. You can be teaching people of any age, from school leavers to adults. The paths will be entirely career-focused, whether they are looking for a nursing degree, teaching degree or more. As a teacher in this area, you will be knowledgeable in a desired topic as you are ending their education and starting their career.

Special Educational Needs Teacher:

Within each sector of teaching, there are going to be some students that require a little bit of extra help to progress with their education. These can include those with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities. As a SEN teacher, you will be kind and nurturing, helping these students every step of the way. Creating an individual learning plan for each student, ensuring they are able to reach their full potential throughout their education.

Online Educator:

Following COVID-19 it has become more common for people to be researching into learning online. These online educators provide students with tools online, including video lessons, worksheets, meetings and more. This can be focused on those who are home-learning, or those looking to learn an additional skill.

Alongside all of the roles discussed, there are various other niches you can have a profession in for teaching jobs Bedford. From museum educators to private tutors. The opportunities are endless for you to share your knowledge and passion for educating others and shaping a life.

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