Controlling the Classroom

Posted on October 15, 2013 at 10:53 am

No matter what school a teacher works at, controlling a classroom is an important part of a teacher’s job.

Supply teachers arguable have the most difficult job, because they have to step into a classroom of unfamiliar students, and use their skills, as best they can, to ensure the classroom is controlled. Each teacher will have their own approach, some may be stricter than others and for supply teachers, it may not be the best method, because you won’t be able to gain any respect from the students or children, and they are unlikely to automatically follow orders by a ‘stranger’.

For teachers struggling to maintain control in the class, we are providing a few tips:

  • Stay calm, don’t show any signs of anxiety, show that you feel comfortable, and first impressions are important.
  • Students demand respect, so make sure when you walk in, you treat them as you would like to be treated
  • Show authority when it is needed. It’s vital to make sure you sniff out any misbehaviour immediately, so it doesn’t spread throughout the classroom.
  • Organise your lesson, split the lesson into different categories, and let the student know what is to come. There may be a activities they dislike, and some they like, so by including various activities, you’re more likely to keep them engaged.


Controlling the class doesn’t have to be too difficult, some teachers are natural, but it can require hard work. If you can keep some of this advice in your mind at all times, we’re certain you’ll be able to control the class, consequently becoming a better teacher in the process.

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