Be a supply teacher in Bedford

Posted on September 28, 2013 at 10:30 am

There are many supply teacher Bedford jobs available. There are vacancies to fill in not only in Bedford but also in the surrounding counties. The openings are both for primary and secondary school levels. Among the most vacancies that are advertised are supply teacher Bedford jobs in Science and Biology, RE, Art, Food Technology, Business Studies, ICT, English, PE, History and many others.
If you are looking to work as a supply teacher in Bedford for the first time then you need to know some tips to make your move smarter and more likely to succeed. First of all, you will need a car, because you might be called to work pretty far from your home. Second, you need to be able to deal well with short notice placements, as they are mostly the rule in this field. If you have formal education to be a teacher but you still did not find your first permanent position or maybe you are just not ready to commit yet to a full time teaching role, then being a supply teacher in Bedford shouldn’t be such a difficult task for you.

Before starting your search for available supply teacher Bedford positions you need to know well what to expect from this kind of jobs and how to prepare yourself from them.

In general, the placement agencies for supply teachers can work in two ways. They may book you in advance for a certain school or you might get an early call in the morning you need to supply. If they use to give morning calls then you might expect them to call you between 7:15am and 8am. It’s good to be flexible in your schedule because that way you increase your chances to get more supply work opportunities. But in case that getting to a school in a rush is an inconvenience for you then tell the agencies about that.

You also have to decide on what year groups are you prepared to work with and let the agencies know about your qualifications and preferences. Of course, the more flexible you’ll be the more supply work opportunities will get.

To increase your chances to get into an available position fast would be better to register with a good placement agency. One of the best agencies for placement of supply teachers in the Bedford area is Simply Education. They can help you in your research for a supply teacher job with a team of highly trained professional consultants. The agency has a good expertise on the local employment market for supply teaching positions. Before your booking you get a fully briefing with one of their consultants. Besides the calls they also use SMS and email to transmit your booking details.
Also important for you to know is the fact that Simply Education offer extremely competitive rates based on your experience and skills. They also take in consideration the location, the length and the nature of booking. For long term positions they offer higher rates.

Working in supply teaching positions is a good way of getting experience for your future teaching career. You can learn many things and acquire a lot of experience. Try to find your next supply teaching job through Simply Education placement agency and you’ll increase your chances of success.

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