Are school trips educational?

Posted on October 26, 2016 at 10:04 pm

Over the years school trips have become more and more educational. Previously trips were often seen as a holiday with a few educational tasks thrown in but many schools realise that for a trip to be successful there needs to be a good balance and although the trip need to be fun, it does need to be highly educational and have set targets which they want the students to take away from the trips.

Planning is essential when it comes to educational trips. As a teacher you should always try and carry out the trip yourself first prior to taking students. This will allow you to map put your day or week etc. to allow you to give the students the best opportunities and to partake in activities that will help them.

Risk assessments are also very important when taking children on trips and need to be considered carefully as you are taking over responsibility for children in a place that they and you may not be very familiar of.


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