Apprenticeships – Think About them for your Future

Posted on November 23, 2017 at 1:24 pm

An apprenticeship is a programme where you will learn on the job. You will be able to gain valuable skills and industry insight by carrying out an apprenticeship programme, learning from experts in the industry. You can take on an apprenticeship at any time, but the most popular time to do it is when you have come straight out of school, as you won’t need any other qualifications. The main thing to show is that you have a passion for the industry, and to find out more about it.

Talk to your school about options for apprenticeships and find out more from careers counsellors if this service is available. You can look into industries that you are interested in on the internet. Think about what you enjoy and whether you might like to do it for a career. Perhaps try out some work experience before committing to an apprenticeship.

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